Should goverment spend more money on imporving roads and high ways or should goverment spend more money on improting public transportation, why? use spesific reasons and details to develop your essay ?


the government should look at the potential to develop the area around the expansion of the road, where growth is accompanied accretion pernduduk vehicles when driving fast. so the government should move quickly in the development of roads in the area. so as to stabilize spending APBDN to transport people

government should also attract investors for the development of roads and transportation such people make flyovers, underpasses, monorail, train, busway. thus people will move to use the transportation and not using private vehicles, so no need to waste time in the sector, congestion everywhere

so my conclusion is that if the government can realize resebut transport people, vehicles and feed the growing congestion in the region could be resolved. so the government should not spend more money out of the country